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Our mission
Our mission is to advance humanities studies across the globe and equip people to engage and understand history's greatest minds like never before. Noet offers the world's most advanced desktop application for smarter study of literature, philosophy, history, and the classics.
Our software offers an elegant study solution for literature lovers, classical enthusiasts, and curious researchers all over the world. Discover which Noet Research Library is right for you: get started today.
How it works
Noet offers a suite of tools and texts for scholarly work in the classics. It serves disciplines that involve original-language research and text comparison—classical studies, philosophy, intellectual history, and more.
Noet Research Libraries give professors, students, and scholars advanced academic resources: original-language tools, fast searches, and side-by-side study of related texts. Plus, with the free Noet mobile app, you can take the works of the ages with you, wherever you go.
Why our ebooks are better
Noet offers smart, interconnected libraries that connect information with human-like intelligence. Each resource is formatted and tagged for deeper study:
  • See Greek and Latin gloss and morphology with a click.
  • For further clarification, jump to lexicons and dictionaries.
  • Compare primary texts and translations, scrolling side by side in sync.
  • Give compelling presentations with elegant slides and presentation media.
  • Highlight and take notes, then share your findings with your colleagues.
Original-language data, cross-references, rich media—Noet gives you the academic advantage.

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