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Text production

Noet editions aren’t PDFs or page scans; they’re hand-tagged volumes built for researchers. As we’re creating each book, we tag cross-references, tie in original-language usage databases, and index everything for fast searches—effort up front that means more efficient study for you. Plus, you get to help choose which books go into production: with our Pre-Pub program, you can pre-order books during production) at deep discounts.

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Curated collections

Scholarship doesn’t happen in a vacuum—you need to engage the canon. And Noet gives you more than just standalone volumes: Noet books come in carefully thought-out libraries. You can choose from collections in philosophy, history, literature, and classical studies. And since each Noet collection gives you the core texts in a given field of study, you won’t have to waste time and effort finding related volumes.

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Smart tools for better research

The free Noet mobile app lets you take your study on the go. You’ll get most of Noet’s smart features—library-wide searches, original-language gloss and morphology, cloud-synced notes and highlighting, and more—and you can even download books for offline reading. Plus, you’ll get access to 25 free resources, including Plato and Tolstoy, as soon as you register your account!

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