What is Noet?
Noet is a suite of tools and texts for digital scholarship in the humanities. The Noet desktop app gives you powerful study features; Noet ebooks, built specifically for research, let you apply Noet’s tools to the books you love.
How do I get Noet?
You can download the mobile app and desktop app for free, and then purchase the Noet libraries you want.
Which software platforms are available for Noet?
Noet is available as a mobile app for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire, a desktop app for Mac and Windows, and in 2015, a web reader that works across browsers.
What are Noet Research Libraries?
Noet bundles are curated sets of texts for focused reading and research in specific disciplines. You can browse all the Research Libraries here.
How do Noet ebooks differ from ebooks in other platforms (Kindle, Nook, etc.)?
Noet ebooks support a host of unique features that allow for deeper textual engagement:
  • High-powered search tools that allow you to search your entire library or an individual book for an English or original-language word or phrase
  • Split-screen view that allows you to sync related texts so they scroll together as you read
  • A Look Up tool that allows you to select an original-language word and access its gloss, lemma, and morphology
  • A Word Study tool that allows you to link from an original-language word to its entry in a lexicon
  • A Text Comparison tool that allows you to compare a passage across multiple translations
Can I do research with Noet even when I’m not connected to the web?
Yes: you can download your ebooks to your local device for offline reading and research.
How can I receive updates about Noet?
You can subscribe to our email lists for news and updates, and follow Noet on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
My favorite book isn’t available in Noet. Can I request a title?
We’re always interested in which titles you’d like to have available in Noet. Send us your product suggestions at suggest@noet.com.
Do I own the book or the license?
You own the license, which is much better than just owning the specific book files. Owning the license means your books are yours across all your devices. And you never have to worry about losing or deleting content–you can always download replacement copes from Noet’s servers.
Where can I see the contents of each Noet Research Library?
You can browse all the Noet libraries here.
What is the End-User License Agreement (EULA)?
The EULA is the license every user agrees to when he or she downloads and installs a copy of Noet. In essence, it says that your library is yours for your own personal use. You can use it on all your devices, at home and at work–but you alone have the license. Read a copy of the license agreement for more information.
What are my Noet.com login and password?
Your web login is the email address you used to register at Noet.com. Once you log in, you can edit your profile information in your Account Settings.
If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it online by entering your email address. Or, if you don’t have access to your email account anymore, you can contact customer support by phone at 855-363-7467.
Is there an instruction manual?
Noet comes with help files within the software. Open the help files by clicking the question-mark icon at the top-right corner of the program, typing Help in the command bar, or pressing the F1 key.
Are there any special pricing options available?
Yes! If you’d like to get your whole classroom set up with Noet, we can help with bulk and academic pricing. To learn more about your options, give us a call at 855-363-7467.
How do I unsubscribe from Noet email updates, notifications, and comments?
You may be receiving emails from Noet in addition to the email list notifications you’re subscribed to; notifications from Feedburner, blog comments, or Noet Groups notifications. Follow the instructions below to unsubscribe from these emails.
You’ll still receive transactional emails and confirmation emails regarding purchases and important account information.
Feedburner: If you’re subscribed to any RSS feeds, you’ll receive an email every time new content is posted. If you’d like to stop receiving updates, unsubscribing is easy:
  • When you receive an email updating you on new content, scroll to the bottom of the email.
  • Click "Unsubscribe now."
  • A window will open that asks you to confirm your unsubscription.
  • Click “Yes, unsubscribe me now.”
Blog Comments: If you’re subscribed to be notified whenever someone interacts with a particular comment on a blog, you can unsubscribe by following these steps:
  • When you receive an email updating you on an interaction on a comment, click the link following “Manage your subscriptions.”
  • You’ll receive an email that links you to a checklist of all the comments you’re subscribed to.
  • Select the comments you would like to unsubscribe from.
  • Select the “Delete” option, and hit the “Update subscriptions” button at the bottom.
Noet Groups Notifications: Noet Groups will automatically send you updates on your posts, groups, and comments. To stop these notifications:
  • Go to groups.noet.com.
  • Make sure you are signed in to your Noet account.
  • Under your user name in the top-left corner, click “Notifications.”
  • On the right side of the page, click “Notification settings.”
  • Uncheck any items you wouldn’t like to receive emails about.
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