Connect to the Classics

Noet’s study features help you get
more from history’s greatest works

  • Learn on all your devices

    Search a classical library that fits on your smartphone, and then begin reading Aristotle. Over lunch, keep reading on your tablet, and annotate the text with what you’ve learned. That night, access your notes from home; when you finish, jump to Plato for more context. Noet syncs in the cloud, so you can take your study wherever you go and search all your notes and highlights.

  • Find exactly what you’re looking for

    Noet’s powerful search engine connects you to your entire library, so you can find exactly the information you want. You can refine your queries with precise search operators, and choose from extensive customization options. Search within one collection, within a custom list, or across your whole library. You’ll feel right at home with intuitive search suggestions that get you started fast.

  • Study related texts together

    Classical study is all about making connections. Noet lets you study related texts together, side by side and scrolling in sync. Link a primary source and a commentary, a dictionary definition and a usage example, or an original-language work and its commentary. The two reading panels scroll together—clicking a link in one resource even causes your linked resource to jump to the corresponding section.

  • Connect to the original languages

    Noet doesn’t just connect you to the classics—it connects you to their original manuscripts. Even if you don’t speak a word of Greek and Latin, you can start grasping original-language nuance with glosses of word meanings and even pronunciation examples. If you’re a Greek or Latin scholar, you can stay sharp with morphology data and visual filters. Studying ancient texts has never been this seamless.

  • Share insights with Noet Groups

    Study the key texts of the Western tradition with others. Noet includes tools for collaborative study so that professors, teachers, students, or friends can read and annotate texts in community. Ask questions, share insights, create reading plans, and study with others—within the software, or with Noet Groups.

  • Cite your sources automatically

    Noet cites your sources for you: just choose your preferred citation style and copy–paste from a Noet book into your word processor. When you’re done writing, it even builds your bibliography automatically!

Research Aids

  • Remember what you learn

    Noet gives you notes and highlights that sync across all your devices. You can customize color, style, and far more, and your notes are completely searchable.

  • See what you’re looking for

    Run a search on a select text and then apply a highlight or change the color of the results of the search. Highlight every noun in a Greek text, or just the nouns in the accusative case.

  • Discover new connections

    See it all, from Plato to the present—Greek, Roman, and modern history. Timeline events link to more information, allowing you to fill out the context and go deeper.

  • Get information as you read

    Noet’s Information Panel gives you lexical data in real time. Quickly access more information on difficult or unusual words with instant definitions, translations, audio pronunciations, and more.

  • Add your own books to Noet

    Noet’s smart searches and synced notes make it the premier study platform in the humanities—so why not use those tools on your own documents, too? Noet lets you upload your own Word documents into your Noet library.

Efficient Study

  • Synchronized Scrolling

    Reading panes will scroll together, and clicking a link in one resource will cause all your other resources to jump to the corresponding section.

  • Link Sets

    Create up to six link sets at a time for a rich research environment.

  • Right-Click Menu

    Select any word in any book; then right-click to find grammars, encyclopedia articles, and more.

  • Pronunciation

    Learn to pronounce hundreds of Greek words with Noet’s built-in sound clips.

  • Sympathetic Highlighting

    Compare original-language selections with ease. Highlighting a biblical passage in one translation will automatically highlight the same passage in the original Greek.

  • Reverse Interlinears

    See word-by-word comparisons across translations and access Strong’s numbers, Bible Sense Lexicon, and Bible Word Study with just a click.

  • Basic Search

    Quickly search your entire library, or any part of it, for a passage or topic. With Noet, even the most basic searches give you detailed and relevant results.

  • Image Search

    Every image and illustration in your library is searchable, allowing you to see the classical world as you study it.

  • Morph Search

    Search for original-language words by their lemma, morphological form, or surface form, and narrow your search according to your needs.

  • Search Suggestions

    Learn to perform complex queries by clicking simple suggestions, or let Noet complete the string you’ve already begun typing.

  • Read Aloud

    Hear select Noet books read aloud in a library that’s accessible to you anytime, anywhere.

Deeper Research

  • Gloss, Lemma, Morphology Tagging

    Books have data “under the hood.” Facilitates viewing reference contents on mouse-over, opening cross-references with a click, and digging deeper into the text.

  • Text Comparison

    Compare any number of texts side by side. The Text Comparison tool allows you to view a line-by-line comparison of your favored resources.

  • Cited By

    See where any given passage has been cited by other authors in your library. From Plato to Homer to Kant, the greatest minds from the history of the West are dynamically applied to your study.

  • Information Panel

    Understand difficult words with one click. The Information Panel shows you the definition of a word, as well as all the ways it’s been translated from its original language.

  • Explorer

    Get instant information related to the text that you’re currently reading. The Explorer pane automatically populates information about what events are taking place, which people are involved, and any relevant media.

  • Auto citation

    When you cite a source, Noet automatically generates the citation in your chosen style. If you want to change your bibliography from Chicago to SBL, Noet adjusts instantly.

Elegant Annotation and
Presentation Tools

  • Notes and

    Take notes anywhere on any book in your library, and highlight any text in any resource.

  • Clippings

    Save and search memorable passages and quotes, along with their citations.

  • Word List

    Improve your language skills by creating lists of difficult Greek or Latin words to study later. Word lists auto-populate with an English gloss and generate printable flash cards.

  • Sentence Diagram

    Create new English, Greek, or Hebrew sentence diagrams for your presentation or research paper.

  • Media Resources

    Get resources that help you put together presentations, and add visual interest to lectures.

  • Send to PowerPoint

    Illustrate your lectures with ease. Send any image in your library to PowerPoint with a click.

Ease of Customization and

  • Library

    Preview your books before you open them, sort your library by importance, and search by description or bibliographic data.

  • Layouts

    Customize the layout of Noet to suit your needs. Open multiple reading panes to compare texts, choose which books you see on your home page, and open books and other resources in easy-to-navigate tabs.

  • Contents Pane

    Navigate any resource with a hyperlinked table of contents that’s easy to use and never gets in your way.

  • Footnotes

    See footnotes by hovering over any in-text footnote indicator, or click through to read the original source within your Noet library.

  • Visual Bookmarks

    Leave bookmarks in your text, and keep reading right where you left off.

  • Favorites

    Prioritize your favorite translations, dictionaries, lexicons and commentaries so that they appear at the top of your search results.

  • Reading Plans

    Reading plans break books into manageable sections, allowing you to set reading goals for yourself.

  • Reading View

    When all you want to do is read, you can see your book in full screen, distraction-free.

  • Collections

    Organize and title customized collections of resources in your library to facilitate searching and library navigation.

  • Tags

    Mark resources with custom tags to find, sort, and cite books grouped by your personal categories.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

    Create your own keyboard shortcuts, or use Noet’s defaults to make highlighting, bookmarking, and saving documents simple.

  • Quick Commands

    Perform a number of functions from the command bar, or make any of your tools, books, or commands more easily accessible by dragging them to the home page.

  • Lifetime License

    You’ll never have to worry about losing your Noet books and resources. All your purchases come with a lifetime license that can be used on any of your devices.

Better Collaboration

  • Noet Groups

    Study the key texts of the Western tradition with others. Ask questions, make notes, share insights, and study with others—within the software, or on

  • Group Reading Plans

    Share reading plans with a group and read books together in manageable sections.

  • Share Personal Books

    Noet makes it easy to incorporate your own research and writing into your digital library. Once you’ve added your own work, share it with members in your group. They’ll be able to include your works in any of their collections, and search them alongside their Noet books.

  • Group Management

    Add or remove group members, set permissions, determine who sees your notes, highlights, and reading plans at community.

  • Community Highlighting

    See what other scholars and students find noteworthy. Highlights made by other Noet users can be made visible in your library.

  • Ratings

    With Noet, you’re connected to a vast community of like-minded scholars and students. See what others are saying about Noet books and resources, and upload ratings of your own.