Philo of Alexandria: The Contemplative Life, Giants and Selections

By Philo of Alexandria / Paulist Press / 1981


Available for the first time in one volume is the basic vision of Philo (c. 20 BC–AD 50), the greatest Jewish mystic, philosopher, and theologian of the Greco-Roman period. This anthology allows Philo to speak in his own words, and opens the door to further explore his writings. This volume includes Philo’s The Contemplative Life, The Giants, and selections from the other treatises are presented by theme.

For a massive collection including over a hundred and twenty of the volumes in this series, see the Classics of Western Spirituality Bundle.

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Key Features

  • An excellent contemporary translation of Philo’s theology and philosophy
  • Fully integrates and cross references with other resources from your Logos library
  • A primary source that is useful for research and historical study

Product Details

About the Author

Philo of Alexandria (c. 20 BC–AD 50) was a Jewish philosopher who lived in Roman-ruled Egypt. He was educated in Hellenistic, Roman, and Ancient Egyptian culture and Judaic tradition. Philo recorded the atrocities committed against the Jews, largely by the Roman governor, Flaccus. His theological and philosophical writings used allegorical exegesis to unite Greek Stoic philosophy with Jewish philosophy. His works impacted Christian Church Fathers more than Judaism.