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Jewish Mystical Autobiographies: The Book of Visions and the Book of Secrets

By Morris M. Faierstein / Paulist Press / 1999



This volume consists of the first English translations of the autobiographical works of two important and influential Jewish mystics. In The Book of Visions, Rabbi Hayyim Vital (1542–1620), foremost disciple of R. Isaac Luria, describes his mystical experiences in great detail. In The Book of Secrets, Rabbi Yizhak Isaac Safrin of Komarno (1806–1874) recounts incidents in his life and visionary experiences. These important works give insight into the religious beliefs and practices of these Jewish adherents and allow modern scholars to accurately identify and understand their spiritual motivations and goals.

For a massive collection including over a hundred and twenty of the volumes in this series, see the Classics of Western Spirituality Bundle.

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Key Features

  • Two autobiographies that bring clarity to an often mysterious time in Jewish religious history
  • Fully integrates and cross references with other resources from your Logos library
  • Useful sources for studies of comparative religion

Product Details

  • Title: Jewish Mystical Autobiographies: The Book of Visions and the Book of Secrets
  • Translator: Morris M. Faierstein
  • Series: The Classics of Western Spirituality
  • Publisher: Paulist Press
  • Publication Date: 1999
  • Pages: 384
  • Resource Type: Ancient Texts
  • Resource Type: Monograph