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A History of the Church in Seven Books (Socrates)

By Socrates Scholasticus / Samuel Bagster and Sons / 1844


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Fifth-century Greek historian Socrates Scholasticus (also known as Socrates of Constantinople) penned this work as a continuation of Eusebius of Caesarea’s history of the church from the time of Christ through AD 324. Socrates begins with the rule of Constantine and over seven parts describes the reigns of Roman emporers, major historical events, and their effects. Thought to be an even treatment of church history, this understated and simple work offers a unique perspective on a time of great cultural, political, and ecclesiastical change.

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Key Features

  • Presents a simple, clear historical account of the fourth and fifth centuries
  • Describes major political, cultural, and church events
  • Includes a detailed table of contents and index

Product Details

  • Title: A History of the Church in Seven Books
  • Author: Socrates
  • Publisher: Samuel Bagster and Sons
  • Publication Date: 1844
  • Pages: 592

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