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Introduction to the History of Christianity: First Century to the Present Day

By 3 authors Beth Wright Tim Dowley Fortress Press / Fortress Press / 2006


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Noet is pleased to announce the addition of Augsburg Fortress' Introduction to the History of Christianity to our electronic library. Tim Dowley's work is heralded as "the most popular introduction to Christianity ever published." Combining superb historical scholarship with additional resources that encourage proper research and writing methods, this product is a useful tool for studying Christian history, whether you are a history student or just interested in finding out more background information on the formation of Christianity through the years.

The most popular introduction to Christianity ever published, Dowley's work tells in an engaging way the dramatic, intriguing, and often surprising story of Christians in their 2000-year journey.

This downloadable resource does not include the pictures that are included in the print edition.

Praise for the Print Edition

This fine handbook . . . helps readers through the maze of complex Christian history . . .

New York Times

This is a book whose honesty, scholarship, and general attractiveness commend it to even the nonreligious reader.

Publishers Weekly

If you have only one church history book, this should be it. No other survey so attractively combines accuracy and readability with an abundance of well-chosen illustrations. It will please both those who like to read about the past and those who never knew how interesting it could be.

Christianity Today

Product Details

  • Title: Introduction to the History of Christianity: First Century to the Present Day
  • Editor: Tim Dowley
  • Publisher: Fortress Press
  • Publication Date: 2006

About the Editor

Tim Dowley, who holds a doctorate in church history from the University of Manchester, is author also of the widely used volumes, The Student Bible Atlas, The Students Bible Guide, and The Student Guide to Life in Bible Times.

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