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The Study of Religion

By Morris Jastrow Jr. / 2 publishers Charles Scribner’s Sons Walter Scott Charles Scribner’s Sons,
Walter Scott
/ 1914


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Beginning with a broad survey of the history of the study of religion, Morris Jastrow’s illuminating work then dedicates a chapter to each of the five areas necessary to the study of a religion: ethics, philosophy, mythology, psychology, and culture. With years of scholarship on the subject, Jastrow’s guidelines for studying religion are set forth in a clear and articulate manner, and provide readers with a set of principles for methodical research into any religion.

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  • Title: The Study of Religion
  • Author: Morris Jastrow
  • Publisher: Ginn & Company
  • Publication Date: 1898
  • Pages: 451

About Morris Jastrow

Morris Jastrow (1861–1921) graduated from the University of Pennsylvania where he became a Professor of Semitic languages and worked in the school’s library. He served as an editor for the Jewish Publication Society’s Jewish Encyclopedia from 1911–1906. A prolific researcher and writer, Jastrow published over a dozen books and became president of the American Oriental Society in 1915.