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Judaic Perspectives on Ancient Israel

By 3 authors Jacob Neusner Baruch A. Levine Ernest S. Frerichs / Wipf & Stock / 2004



This volume assembles a representative statement of Judaic learning on the Old Testament as it is studied today by many of the most important Jewish Bible scholars of the age. A host of internationally known scholars—American, European, and Israeli—present a variety of rich perspectives on the study and interpretation of the Scriptures revered by both Judaism and Christianity. These studies make clear that no single Jewish school of biblical scholarship exists. Rather, there is a Jewish approach involving appreciation for Hebrew as a living language. This book addresses such topics as the reality of Jewish settlement in the land of Israel and the continuity of Scripture in the life of Israel. Neusner and his coeditors, Baruch A. Levine and Ernest S. Frerichs, demonstrate the value of critical scholarly discourse on the Hebrew Scripture by Jewish scholars for both Christian and Jewish communities.

Product Details

  • Title: Judaic Perspectives on Ancient Israel
  • Author: Neusner, Jacob; Levine, Baruch A.; Frerichs, Ernest S.
  • Publisher: Wipf & Stock
  • Publication Date: 2004