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Erasmus and Luther: Their Attitude to Toleration

By Robert H. Murray / 2 publishers Macmillan Co. SPCK Macmillan Co.,
/ 1920


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One of the most important figures of the 16th century, Desiderius Erasmus was a leading reformist and Renaissance humanist. Through his works and letters, Erasmus championed that true religion was a matter of inward devotion rather than outward symbols of ceremony and ritual, and sought to reform aspects of the Church from within. His works showed an astonishing intelligence, razor-sharp wit, and an authentic love for God and humanity. Soon after publication, his works were translated and read all over Europe.

Murray's fascinating work traces with great skill the development in the views of these two sixteenth century figures, their influence upon each other, and the inevitable rupture between them.

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Key Features

  • Contains the thoughts of Erasmus and Luther
  • Includes a detailed bibliography, a Table of Rulers, and an index


  • The Mature Thoughts of Erasmus
  • The Early Thoughts of Luther
  • The Rift in the Harmony
  • The Excommunication and After
  • The Problem of Authority
  • The Attitude of Erasmus
  • The Free-Will Controversy
  • The Peasants' War and the Question of Authority
  • The Reform of the Church
  • Creed and Council
  • Church and State

Praise for the Print Edition

No work on the Reformation published in the English language during recent years approaches in importance Dr. Murray's monumental Erasmus and Luther.

Contemporary Review, 1920

To read Erasmus is to grow in wisdom.

Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society

Product Details

  • Title: Erasmus and Luther: Their Attitude to Toleration
  • Author: Robert H. Murray
  • Publisher: SPCK
  • Publication Date: 1920
  • Pages: 503

About Robert H. Murray

Robert H. Murray (1874–1947) was a historian of religion and political theory and the author of The History of Political Science from Plato to Present, The King's Crowning, a multi-volume history of Ireland, and more.