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Targum and New Testament: A Bibliography together with a New Testament Index

By Peter Nickels / Pontifical Biblical Institute / 1967


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Targum and New Testament collects a bibliography of some of the most useful books and articles on the Targums, and pinpoints their interaction with the New Testament in a helpful index. The purpose of the bibliography is to acquaint, or further acquaint, exegetes with the work that has been done in the field of Targum-New Testament relationships. The titles listed here represent a variety of approaches to the question of relations between the Targums and New Testament. There are the linguistic, the form critical, the thematic or more strictly dogmatic. The titles of the works will in many cases indicate the author’s approach. The bibliography is testimony to the varied riches which Christians will find in Targumic literature.

The criterion in gathering titles for the following bibliography was a use of Targumic material in treatment of a New Testament text or theme. Works which treat solely of the Targums, their origin, date, etc., have not been included. Entries in dictionaries and encyclopedias have also been omitted.

The second part features an index of New Testament texts whose translation or interpretation has been related to Targumic literature. It will interest the student of textual criticism, as well as the exegete with his varied tools and methods. In order to render the index more immediately useful, a few words of explanation are added to nearly every entry.

Product Details

  • Title: Targum and New Testament: A Bibliography together with a New Testament Index
  • Author: Peter Nickels, O.F.M. Conv.
  • Publisher: Editrice Pontificio Istituto Biblico
  • Publication Date: 1967
  • Pages: 88

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