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A Dictionary of Philosophy in the Words of Philosophers

By J. Radford Thomson / 2 publishers Reeves and Turner R. D. Dickinson Reeves and Turner,
R. D. Dickinson
/ 1887


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A Dictionary of Philosophy in the Words of Philosophers was written to provide the general public with a sampling of all major schools of philosophical thought, as presented by leading philosophers of the nineteenth century. Assembled by J. Radford Thomson, professor of philosophy in New College, London, and Hackney College, the dictionary contains essays, lectures, and other works by over 140 philosophers, including René Descartes, Franz Delitzsch, Immanuel Kant, David Hume, and John Locke, as well as other thinkers of philosophical consequence, like Charles Darwin and E. B. Pusey. This work presents a thematic introduction to philosophy by providing an overview of the significant ideas of each philosophical era.

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Key Features

  • Excerpts, essays, and lectures from over 140 philosophers
  • A thorough introduction to philosophy, its branches, and related scientific fields

Praise for the Print Edition

. . . it will prove really serviceable, as what it professes to be, a dictionary of philosophy.

Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine

Product Details

  • Title: A Dictionary of Philosophy in the Words of Philosophers
  • Author: J. Radford Thomson
  • Publisher: Reeves and Turner
  • Publication Date: 1887
  • Pages: 517

About the Author

J. Radford Thomson was educated at Tunbridge Wells, and became a professor of philosophy at New College, London, and Hackney College. He is the author of Modern Pessimisim, Utilitarianism: An Illogical and Irreligious Theory of Morals, and Auguste Comte and the “Religion of Humanity.

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