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By Roman Hands: Inscriptions and Graffiti for Students of Latin

By Matthew Hartnett / Focus Publishing / 2012


Print: $19.95


By Roman Hands takes Latin out of the textbook and allows students to see and translate Latin as it actually appeared on Roman monuments, walls, and tombs. The first collection of entirely authentic and unadapted inscriptions and graffiti accessible to beginning and intermediate students of Latin, By Roman Hands unites the study of language and culture in a novel and compelling way and at a level that the Latin can be grasped and discussed by early Latin learners. Ranging from a love letter hastily scratched on a Pompeian wall to the proclamation of an emperor’s achievements formally inscribed on a monumental arch, these carefully selected texts afford fascinating glimpses into the lives and minds of the Romans, even as they illustrate and reinforce the basic elements of the Latin language.

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Key Features

  • Provides visual examples of inscriptions used by ancient Romans
  • Offers instruction for beginning and intermediate students
  • Reinforces the basics of Latin grammar and syntax


  • Nouns: The Uses of Cases
  • The Forms of the Verb
  • Miscellaneous Forms and Constructions
  • The Syntax of the Subjunctive Mood

Praise for the Print Edition

The book is neatly printed and is likely to turn out to be pleasant and instructive to use in class . . . Those with a particular interest in inscriptions will find this book useful too.

—Roger Wright, professor of cultures, languages, and area studies, University of Liverpool

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About Matthew Hartnett

Matthew Hartnett teaches Latin and Greek at Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire. He holds a BA in classical studies from the College of William and Mary and a PhD in classics from Columbia University. In 2006, he received the Matthew I. Wiencke Teaching Award from the Classical Association of New England.