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Classical Studies Research Library (186 vols. plus Perseus Classics Collection)

By 379 authors / 26 publishers Lexham Press Faithlife Perseus Digital Library Clarendon Press Hendrickson Harvard University Press Focus Publishing William Heinemann G. P. Putnam’s Sons HarperCollins R. Pullins Domus Latina Oxford University Press Macmillan Co. Vivarium Novum Macmillan and Co. American Book Company Harper & Brothers D. C. Heath & Co. Charles Scribner’s Sons Ginn & Co. Allyn and Bacon Noet Scholarly Ebooks Cambridge University Press Percival and Co. Rivingtons Lexham Press,
Perseus Digital Library,
Clarendon Press,
Harvard University Press,
Focus Publishing,
William Heinemann,
G. P. Putnam’s Sons,
R. Pullins,
Domus Latina,
Oxford University Press,
Macmillan Co.,
Vivarium Novum,
Macmillan and Co.,
American Book Company,
Harper & Brothers,
D. C. Heath & Co.,
Charles Scribner’s Sons,
Ginn & Co.,
Allyn and Bacon,
Noet Scholarly Ebooks,
Cambridge University Press,
Percival and Co.,
/ 1567–2016


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Delve into the great works of antiquity with the Classical Studies Research Library. Explore the foundations of the Western world, engaging with Homer, Herodotus, Virgil, and more in both original-language and translated works. With 186 volumes and Noet’s scholarly tools—worth nearly $3,000—this is the classicist’s dream library.

This research library includes:

  •     Greek Classics Research Library
  •     Latin Classics Research Library

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Individual Titles

Greek Classics Research Library

Enhance your scholarship of the classical Greek tradition with Noet’s intelligent texts and Perseus Greek Classics. Ancient texts, translations, grammars, and more—Noet’s Greek Classics Research Library enriches your study.

Latin Classics Research Library

Study the great works of ancient Rome and enrich your Latin-language scholarship with Noet’s intelligent texts and Perseus Latin Classics. Ancient texts, translations, grammars, and more—Noet’s Latin Classics Research Library equips you for better research.

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