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The Lincoln-Douglas Debates

By Edwin Erle Sparks / 2 publishers Hall & McCreary F. A. Owen Publishing Co. Hall & McCreary,
F. A. Owen Publishing Co.
/ 1918



Study the most famous presidential debates in American history. Remarkable for what they reveal about Abraham Lincoln—and his constituency—these debates present Lincoln as an economic capitalist and slavery moderate and Stephen A. Douglas as a candidate committed to expanding slavery in U.S. territories and protecting the southern establishment. Discover the ideological divide that ripped America apart from 1860 to 1865 through the most prominent political voices of the last years of the antebellum period.

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Key Features

  • Includes all seven debates
  • Presents Abraham Lincoln’s political views
  • Provides an introduction and notes

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About Edwin Erle Sparks

Edwin Erle Sparks (1860–1924) was a historian of the United States and the eighth president of Penn State University. He attended Ohio State University and the University of Chicago and was instrumental in the spread of the Chi Phi Fraternity. His many books include The Expansion of the American People, The United States of America, National Development, and The Beginnings of Chicago.

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